Our Story

Hey Y'all! Welcome to our website. Just Jason and Angie here. Here to share our story about how this one time our "vacation imagination" ran wild and somehow we ended up here today. 


If you've ever been to The Coop, you know that this business is a family affair. Between my mom, known as Ms. Pat, serving up giant slices of cake, to my sons working the grill, we are a team. 


Believe it or not, The Coop has not been our only crazy idea, but it has been the only one we actually followed through with. So here is goes, our story. Are you ready?

The summer of 2016 was where it all began, sitting on the beach, at Ocean Lakes Family Campground. You see, every year our family goes to the beach, and it must just be the sand between our toes or something in the breeze, but we always leave with a new idea. From waterparks to campgrounds and now to restaurants our imagination has never stalled. 

As the day went on, we started talking about the only important thing about being on vacation, whats for dinner? People started naming off ideas, but then it hit me, chicken wings. Everybody loves a good wing right? Dripping in buffalo sauce and drowning in homemade ranch. My mouth is watering. Anyways, we went on to dinner and the next day on the beach, I just said it out loud. "Our town could really use a good wing restaurant. I mean, we don't have anything like that really. Why couldn't we start it?" 

That's really all it took. The spark in everyones eyes lit up and that day we came up with everything. We decided on burgers, wing sauces, and the best part, the name! We wrote the entire menu down on a paper napkin, and a few months later we had found the perfect location to set this dream into action. 

Like I said, it's probably not how you imagined it, but thats how it happened. It's crazy how one idea can change your life forever, but here we are. We cannot thank our family enough for their never-ending support and our community for being to watch us succeed. 

With all of that being said, there's one more thing you have to do. Go, get in your car, and go to The Coop. I can personally guarantee you will leave as a part of our family, and most importantly, with a full belly. 

God Bless!

The Phillips Family, The Coop
The Phillips Family, The Coop Spindale NC